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In the early ‘60s, Bob Sockolov picked up a small kit of brushes and oils and started painting still life’s and landscapes of local Marin County scenery. His inspiration began with his daily commute for 30 years from Marin to San Francisco. Bob developed an appreciation for the panoramic view emerging from the Robin Williams Tunnel of the City by the Bay. Whether it be by day or night, Bob was awed by the breathtaking vista, which he tried to capture in his artwork. Several of his paintings reflect the 1960s, before the Transamerica Pyramid was built. Bob feels that his art is still a work in progress. Today, some of his paintings are of the ever-changing views of the city and the impressionistic skyline of San Francisco. Without any formal training, he has experimented using brushes, knives, and even his fingers, to try and accomplish creative and artistic results. Bob continues to build on his style and skill by learning from each painting he completes.

Bob graduated from University of California, Berkeley in 1951. He participated in a solo benefit exhibition for the Institute on Aging in February 2018 at Caldwell Snyder Gallery in San Francisco.

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